Hey Ladies… and maybe some ‘gents! My name is Ashley. Want to know more about what to expect here at Always Ashley Ash? Well, keep reading.

Always Ashey Ash is basically a hub for all things that make up my life. I will include videos and vlogs, blog posts and stay connected with you all on social media. I plan to include everything that encompasses my life journey. You can expect topics like parenting, beauty and style, dating, faith, lifestyle and whatever else I can gather my thoughts around in a creative  or helpful manner.

My main goal with this space is to create a community for mothers who are single parents or co-parenting. Parenting alone can be overwhelming. When you are embarking on that journey without a partner it can be very isolating. I know I have had my seasons where I have felt very alone. Here at Always Ashley Ash I plan to share my stories of pain, joy and everything in between,  and open the floor to other mothers who want to share their stories also.

My posts are real, raw and hopefully encouraging.  This is not an anti-marriage or daddy-bashing forum. I plan to get married someday and my son’s father and I actually get along tolerate each other. However, it was a long road to get to this point. This is a place for moms to connect, encourage, share and be real with each other. I am not an expert, just an “average” single mom who wants to share and help connect women! Life is so much better when you are not going at it alone.

So that’s the deep stuff..but when we are done healing, reflecting and whatever else (like we are ever really done)… we still have a household to run. Which includes parenting and, well, taking care of ourselves and our children. So you will also run across posts with more of the “Lifestyle” flavor. I love trying out new beauty products, recipes and things that will help me run my household more efficiently. Everyday I am learning something new about parenting, why not share that! My sister is a fashion goddess and loves to help me find the cutest clothes. My son and I are traveling as often as we can, so I hope you enjoy our wanderlust posts as well. So basically, you can expect a little of everything.

Ok so now you know a little bit more about my goals forthis space but all you know about me is my name. If you want a little more of a backstory of the woman behind the posts, well, let me give you more of the inside scoop.

You can also reach me at AlwaysAshleyAsh@gmail.com. Happy Reading!