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Climbing to New Heights

Last weekend my son, my mother and I spent the day enjoying the beautiful sunshine. Despite the fact that it was the middle of January, it felt like spring. My son loves the outdoors. I enjoy being outside, when the weather is nice, but my son would live outside if he had the choice.  So he was quite pleased to join his Mina on her jog around a local lake.

As he peddled his way around the jogging path, he would hit his brakes whenever he approached the smallest of slopes. He used to fly down hills, laughing and screaming with joy. I have questioned why he suddenly becomes timid of the speed he once loved. He hasn’t had any major fall, in fact, I don’t recall him falling on his bike at all. So the change leaves me pondering.

Of course, the change could just be part of him discovering the world around him. He is more aware of “danger.” He recognizes the risk in certain activities. That is actual a good skill to acquire. However, I don’t won’t him to live in fear. I want him to have faith and take reasonable risks. I want him to live out each day to the fullest. Most of all I want him to be true to himself and trust his instinct. With all that in mind, I decided I shouldn’t push him. That might increase his fear. Instead I will introduce opportunities to explore his own abilities and let my presence be known, hopefully building his confidence and showing him the victory in just trying.

Later on during our little adventure, we made our way to the playground. That’s the best part of visiting the lake, if you asked my son. He played and ran and jumped and climbed and slid on every slide. Then he made his way to the monkey bars. He had attempted them before but only while making sure I had a firm grasp on his torso. Today him climbed right up without even checking if I was in sight. He was climbing to new heights!  I inched closer just for my own assurance. He made it to the top of the monkey bars and I saw he realized where he was. The fear started to set in. I walked over told him he was doing great and that he should keep going. With the added presence of mom and after about 5 minutes of contemplation, my son climbed all the way across. He did it his way and on his own time and felt so proud when he had his feet on solid ground.

It was truly a wonderful day. I love those simple moments that I get to share with my family. I love those moments that remind me that my son is growing into his own person and he appreciates my guidance but ultimately has his own way of tackling situations. Please enjoy the vlog of the rest of our little adventure.

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