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Where Can Single Moms Meet Single Men?

So you are a single mom who is ready to get back in the dating game. You have your sitter lined up. You just bought the cutest new date night outfit. Your emotionally available and ready to mingle. However, if you have had an experience similar to mine you realize that single men are nowhere to be found. Well, actually they are, you just have to look in the right places.  So where are these places you ask? Well I have been single for 4 years but only recently decided I wanted to seriously consider dating. I wouldn’t say I am on the hunt, in fact that is not even close to my approach. Still to get approached for a date requires a single man to approach you. Here is what has worked for me.

Online Dating

This is my go to method for meeting new single men. Online dating offers the flexibility many single women, especially single mothers are looking for. I am still hoping I meet my future husband in a more traditional setting but I am open to online dating introducing me to my match. Check out my video discussing why online dating is a great option.

Mutual Friends

Your friends know you.They know what makes you tick, what your hobbies are and any crazy quirks that only a few could really understand. You friends might be a great resource for finding a quality single guy. Your friends and family should have your best interests at heart and therefore, hopefully whoever they might want to introduce you to isn’t someone from an episode of America’s Biggest Douche. Some friends just have the matchmaker gene, others not so much, so be selective of who you let set you up.


Of course, it really depends on what your hobbies are, but you can meet some prospects who at least have a similar interest as you. Hobbies/activities that might lead to a romantic introduction could include: hiking, salsa dancing, art shows, small venue music performances, home improvement DIY classes, etc.


Similar to hobbies, volunteering is yet another great way to meet new guys. I particularly like this option because not only are you hopefully making a connection with someone new but you are positively impacting your community. Whether you meet someone or not, you will probably leave your volunteering experience with a full heart knowing that you helped make the world a better place in your own unique way. I actually know two ladies who met their future husbands while volunteering. They are with guys who have the biggest hearts! That is definitely a plus!

The Gym

So this is one area I haven’t actually tackled but I have heard many stories about women meeting active, attractive, single men at gyms. I think you definitely have to a selective eye however because some men, single or not are looking for women in this setting. Still if you are someone who is physically fit or likes to live that healthy lifestyle, the gym might be a perfect place to find someone who shares those interests and values! Get it girl!

I would love to hear from you. Where else have you found a great gathering of single suitors?



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